Every home, no matter how great it is, will experience problems and issues over the years. There are a lot of things to think about here, but you need to come up with ideas that will help you keep the home in the full working order and make sure it looks as great as possible. … Continue Reading

Decluttering your home interior is best attacked room by room, and if you follow the same pattern with each one you will soon have a very clean and tidy home that will stay that way much longer. Here are some things that will help you with that: Use Bins Start by having three bins in … Continue Reading

Whether you’ve lived in your home for a few months or a few years, it’s hard to maintain that initial “new house” glow you felt when you first moved into the place. It’s important to make your house feel like your own, of course, but there’s a point at which you realise that the “cosy” … Continue Reading

Homeowners wish they had rapper money. Then, buying a new home wouldn’t be such a big deal. Card or cash? It doesn’t matter because I’ve got both, baby! Photograph from pinterest.co.uk Sadly, the majority of people have to scrimp and save and wait a lifetime to secure the property of their dreams. It’s long and … Continue Reading

The living room. It’s the place that you’re going to be spending most of your time within your own home, that’s if you don’t prefer to camp out in the bedroom. There’s a good chance your computer is here, and you stereo system along with your TV; all in all, everything you need to have … Continue Reading

Does your home actually feel like home? A lot of people are under the illusion that their home doesn’t actually feel… that homely. Sometimes it can feel a bit too bright, a bit too dark, or just not how people pictured their home to be. If this is you, and you know you picture your … Continue Reading

Moving house is always going to be a big deal. It’s said to be one of the (if not, the) most stressful parts of life. And for a very good reason. You’re literally picking up everything that you own, everything that you’ve collected over the years, and move it to somewhere new. And you’re often … Continue Reading

Everybody has a dream home. It’s the kind of place that you envisioned living in with your family, as your forever home. For some people, this will be a luxury penthouse apartment. For others, it will be a cute small cottage by the coast. But no matter what your ideal home looks like, if you … Continue Reading

If there is one thing that your home should do, it is entertain. Yes, it should provide you with a place to relax, wash your hair, cook your dinner, and so on… But it should also provide you with somewhere to have fun! After all, for most people, they will only get a couple of … Continue Reading

When you’re coming up with design ideas for your bedroom, you won’t want to get too distracted with the idea of the look. Because you’re trying to create a bedroom that you can relax and sleep well in, you need to focus quite heavily on the function. And this can make creating your interiors a … Continue Reading