If your home is currently feeling a bit dull and lacklustre, you definitely need to start making changes as soon as possible. Don’t be put off by the scale of the challenge that lies ahead of you. There are so many things you can do to change your home for the better and ultimately make … Continue Reading

Outdoor parties are the best part of the summer months, especially if you have a smaller living space. Spilling out into the summer air is far nicer than staying in! That smell of barbecued food wafting over the fences and the sound of giggling coming from a group of people having fun is infectious and … Continue Reading

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Do It Yourself. Something we only want to do when we absolutely know what we’re doing, and for a lot of us that amounts to being absolutely nothing! We’re afraid to branch out because of the money we might waste, or the energy we can put into something and then completely hate what we end … Continue Reading

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