Calling all Chocoholics!  Source:  Pinterest What better way to celebrate Easter than by making this chocolate beast?! I made this gorgeous Ferrrero Rocher Cheesecake recently and it went down like a DREAM!  Everyone loved it!  Super easy to make and looks bloody luscious! I found this on BBC Good Food and it had a rating … Continue Reading

This year, bathrooms are all about that spa vibe. A quick search on Pinterest will lead to claw footed bathtub, and big-head showers to die for. Luxury and glamour are, it seems, the name of our current bathing game. About time, most of us would say. For too long, the bathroom has been a space … Continue Reading

When was the last time you seriously reviewed your home’s general security? If it’s been a while, now’s a good time to start thinking about about how you could be doing things differently. If you don’t start taking action, someone else will start taking action by targeting your home. That’s what happens when a property … Continue Reading

Super easy recipe: Prawn, paprika, black olive and caper pitta bread Ingredients: Wholemeal pitta bread King prawns (ready to eat) Handful of black olives Quarter of a chopped red onion Small handful of capers Passata Salt and pepper to season   Method: Heat the oven to 200, spread the wholemeal pitta bread with passata and … Continue Reading

Whether you just want to add some arty retro 90’s movie posters to your walls or go all out with a 20’s art deco dining room, it’s cool. But, adding retro chic to a modern home can be difficult. You don’t want to lose any modern technology or home gadgets, that make your life easier … Continue Reading

We shouldn’t have to remind ourselves of the importance of sleep, but we do have to. If you regularly don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to a whole host of emotional, psychological and physical problems, not to mention having a further detrimental impact on your life. But many of us don’t get enough sleep … Continue Reading

When you buy a house, you’re putting everything you have into it. If the value depreciates, you’re losing money on that investment. People might tell you that’s not going to happen because house prices have been rising steadily for a while but there’s always the chance that the housing market can go down. It’s happened … Continue Reading

These days, a kitchen is no longer just the place where meals are prepared; It is a social hub for the entire family and is generally considered the heart of the home. Of course, there are some families that prefer to sit on the couch and eat in front of the television, but even these … Continue Reading

Owning a home is a very big deal for many, it’s a huge sign of independence. It’s that moment when you realise that you’re now officially an adult with your own life and responsibilities, and that is both scary and exciting! The difference between living at your Parent’s or renting though, is that if and … Continue Reading

Try this delicious Italian Prosecco cocktail: ‘The Hugo’ quick and simple to make as there are only four ingredients! Ingredients: Prosecco Mint Elderflower syrup Lime   Method: Pour a shot of elderflower syrup into a glass, top up with chilled prosecco, mint leaves and a few slices of lime, for extra potency add a shot … Continue Reading