If there is one thing that your home should do, it is entertain. Yes, it should provide you with a place to relax, wash your hair, cook your dinner, and so on… But it should also provide you with somewhere to have fun! After all, for most people, they will only get a couple of … Continue Reading

When you’re coming up with design ideas for your bedroom, you won’t want to get too distracted with the idea of the look. Because you’re trying to create a bedroom that you can relax and sleep well in, you need to focus quite heavily on the function. And this can make creating your interiors a … Continue Reading

Lighting around the home is important, and it can completely change the way you feel about a room if the lighting isn’t right. A room with little to no natural light can seem smaller, and also feel depressing when you’re in that particular room. Did you know that lighting can actually accentuate your decor in … Continue Reading

Moving house is one of those life events that fills us with a mixture of emotions. There’s the excitement and anticipation of exploring pastures new, but there’s also an inescapable dread. Moving means packing up, making plans, and hoping that you settle into your new home as quickly as possible. It’s fair to say that … Continue Reading

If you have a rental property then you will understand how important it is for you to stay on top of the little things that need doing. You will also understand that tenants are hard to come by sometimes, and if your property does not stand out from the rest then you can’t ever hope … Continue Reading

If you care about the environment that we live in, and want to do all that you can to ensure it remains a beautiful place where mother nature can do her job without interruption, then going green is a brilliant idea. So many people talk about doing it these days, and that’s mostly because of … Continue Reading

Do you ever get the feeling that life is one big, never-ending treadmill? Between work, caring for your family and the million other commitments and life admin tasks that fill our days, we’ve never been busier. So it’s little wonder that more and more of us are finding life is getting quite stressful. An important … Continue Reading

If you would like to enjoy your summer hiding place in the garden and share the great experience with some friends and family members, you will need to take care of the small details to help your garden party be a success! Safety Issues You need to take care of the decking, the paving stones, … Continue Reading

Housing trends are moving toward smaller homes, not bigger ones and for good reason. These are just some of the benefits of downsizing your home. You’ll Have Less Stuff Clutter is such a big problem for most people these days. Everybody has a cupboard or a drawer in their house which is filled with old … Continue Reading

When you’re doing work on the house you can save a lot of money by doing things yourself instead of hiring people.  It’s fairly straightforward to do your own painting if you take your time and prep the walls properly first (there are plenty of videos on Youtube that tell you everything you need to … Continue Reading