I’ve loooooved seeing all the photographs from this event!  It was such a fun night with so many talented and passionate people involved.

We kicked it all off at 6.30pm with Lavender & Passoa cocktails for guests whilst they listened to local acoustic duo, then everyone was taken upstairs for the catwalk collections followed by drinking and dancing until 2.00am with DJ and Sax player who was bloooody amazing!

To see all of the preparation and backstage photos please click here

Photography by Sarah Jayne Webb

Men’s T-shirt designs by Warren S Heaton

Modelled by Jamie Barnett and Alun Harries

Collection below by The Mac Co

Modelled by Marie Barnett, Rosa Davies and Amy Gray

Collection below by Katie Davies

Modelled by Charlotte Wood, Charlotte Niel and Tracey Chandra

Collection below by RMJ Printhouse

Modelled by Marie Barnett, Amy Gray, Hayley McCarney, Emily Bowen and Kristie Taylor

Designs below by Isea Surfwear

Modelled by Ida, Charlotte Wood, Laura Howard-Cook, Isabelle, Charlotte Niel and Tracey Chandra

Designs below by Hannah Davies

Modelled by Amy Gray, Hayley McCarney and Rosa Davies

Designs below by Ida

Modelled by Ida, Charlotte Wood, Isabelle and Tracey Chandra

Millinery designs below by Twisted Thimble Couture

Modelled by Marie Barnett, Emily Bowen, Kristie Taylor and Hayley McCarney

Collection below by Clare Johns Label

Modelled by Ida, Charlotte Wood, Laura, Isabelle, Charlotte Niel and Tracey Chandra


Accessory Collection by Swag & Tassle

Modelled by Marie, Amy, Kristie, Rosa and Emily

Scarf print collection by Stephen Hughes

Modelled by Alun Harries, Craig Barnett and Jamie Barnett

Collection below by Natalie Badham

Modelled by Laura, Ida, Tracey and Charlotte

Designs below by Alice Cahill

Modelled by Marie, Amy, Kristie, Hayley and Emily

Lastly, below is my own collection: ‘Botanika’ for Jaxxon House

Modelled by Ida, Charlotte, Laura, Isabelle, Charlotte and Tracey

Our awesome Sax player for the evening!! 🙂

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