Whether you just want to add some arty retro 90’s movie posters to your walls or go all out with a 20’s art deco dining room, it’s cool.

But, adding retro chic to a modern home can be difficult. You don’t want to lose any modern technology or home gadgets, that make your life easier and more fun, and you certainly don’t want to go back to living the way previous generations did, you basically want the best of both. A home filled with modern convenience and luxury but filled with retro glamour and décor. Here are a few touches that you can easily add to create a vintage paradise, without having to bin your Amazon Echo.


If you want to add a touch of retro glamour, without going all out vintage, a few statement pieces is a great way to do it. A retro sofa, chair, table or sideboard can be perfect. Look at modern copies of original pieces if you want to keep some contemporary comfort, or head to charity shops, vintage stores or car boot sales to find some fantastic bargains. If you don’t want to go full retro, try upcycling these pieces, perhaps adding fresh prints to old-fashioned frames.


Colour is a wonderful way to get some retro chic without losing any modern accessories, comfort or sophistication. Go for saturated hues like mint, burnt orange or buttercup yellow. How much colour you chose to use will determine how bold your retro theme is. You could paint whole walls, or just add some colourful accessories and accents to the space.

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Accessories are perhaps the perfect place to go retro, and you don’t necessarily need to lose any modern convenience. Because retro and vintage fashions are always right on trend many brands and companies add retro designs to their ranges. These retro telephones from Cuckooland are the perfect example. Printed soft furnishings and retro rugs can also add a little extra chic to your living room.


If you’ve got a particular era in mind, prints can be the best way to achieve the look you want. Find artists and designs from the era. Photographs, adverts and pop culture posters also work very well. Just make sure that you get the frames right. Some 1950’s art will look significantly out of place in a modern frame.

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Good lighting is essential in any living room. This is the room you spend a lot of your chill out time, so you’ll want to be able to change the mood and atmosphere, and lighting options are the best way to do it. Bright lights are great for a wake-up and playing with the kids, but dim romantic lighting is what you need for a cosy night in. But, it’s not just the intensity of the light you should be thinking about. The fittings and shades themselves offer you an excellent chance to capture the essence of an era. Think large chandeliers, huge pendant lights or even candles and lanterns.

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