If you’re not in a new-build home, then your home almost certainly has bags of personality creeping out from every corner; why not let that personality shine through, by designing and decorating your home in a unique way? There’s plenty of scope for bringing your home to life if you know how. Take a read … Continue Reading

If you’re a music lover, you might have friends who enjoy the same styles and artists’ work as you do. Holding a house party for music lovers requires a lot of planning. You will need to have a great playlist and a speaker system that will connect to everyone’s device, so you can please all … Continue Reading

There comes a point at which every homeowner realizes their house doesn’t look quite as shiny and new as it once did. Obviously, every property becomes worn out with age. Paint starts to fade, utilities start to break, and the overall aesthetic of your humble abode might start to look a little past its prime. … Continue Reading

Do It Yourself. Something we only want to do when we absolutely know what we’re doing, and for a lot of us that amounts to being absolutely nothing! We’re afraid to branch out because of the money we might waste, or the energy we can put into something and then completely hate what we end … Continue Reading

It’s hard to accessorise a small space, and this is because every little thing you add takes up room and this can make your entire home feel claustrophobic. If you want to put an end to this once and for all, then you can get some helpful hints and tips below. Create a Unified Space … Continue Reading

While our home are undoubtedly our havens – the place where we entertain friends, spend time with our families and retreat from the world – we also want to be sure that any improvements we make to them not only enhance our lives and the space itself, but also add potential resale value. One day, … Continue Reading

Life is a very dynamic thing. Over the years, your situation will change time and time again, with different periods providing new challenges. At the heart of this, your home can be a great tool when it comes to making things easier, and a lot of people will have to move around to accommodate their … Continue Reading

The bathroom, along with the bedroom should be a calming place; it should be a luxurious place where you can lie back, relax and unwind after the stresses of the day. Sadly, many of us have bathrooms that are less than we deserve – bathrooms which are drabber than fab; which are more cluttered than … Continue Reading

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money picking out and purchasing the finest furniture for your home, it makes sense to invest as much time, and a little money, in caring for that furniture so that it always looks its best and does not let your home decor down. There are lots of … Continue Reading

This year, bathrooms are all about that spa vibe. A quick search on Pinterest will lead to claw footed bathtub, and big-head showers to die for. Luxury and glamour are, it seems, the name of our current bathing game. About time, most of us would say. For too long, the bathroom has been a space … Continue Reading