These days, a kitchen is no longer just the place where meals are prepared; It is a social hub for the entire family and is generally considered the heart of the home.

Of course, there are some families that prefer to sit on the couch and eat in front of the television, but even these families will come together in the kitchen for some meals. It’s because of this that more and more homeowners are choosing to create a more family-oriented and social-minded kitchen when they renovate. If you want to do the same, but don’t want to sacrifice your style to do it, here are some tips to create a stylish yet functional kitchen!

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Open It Up

The simplest way to make your kitchen a more social area is to merge it with the most social room in the house, which tends to be your living room. Of course, if you already have an open floor plan, then this isn’t going to help you, but if you don’t, then this is a really great idea. By removing the walls between the living room and the kitchen, you allow easier socialisation and ensure that those cooking in the kitchen aren’t shut off from conversations. If you would prefer to keep some barrier between the two spaces, then you could build a half wall to set boundaries. This is also a great opportunity to add extra storage space to your kitchen and living room.

Keep it Casual And Organised

To create the perfect kitchen, you have to find the medium ground between a practical space and a social space. It’s all in the little details when it comes to creating this perfect blend. 

To most people, practical and pretty doesn’t go hand in hand, but this simply isn’t true, especially when it comes to your kitchen. Sure, a marble or solid wood countertop might not work for a family with small children, but laminate, granite, and stainless steel will, and they can look just as stylish. 

Consider a Kitchen Island

If you don’t have a kitchen island, and you are lusting after one then check out  Cane Brothers Kitchen Company website and take a look at the kitchen ranges they have on offer. If you do have one and are still struggling to create a family-friendly space in your kitchen, then consider how you can change your island to make it more social-minded. For example, you could add bar stools and an extendable dining table, so that your children can sit and chat with you while you’re preparing dinner.

One Size Won’t Work

The kitchen furniture that you feel comfortable in isn’t going to work as well for children, so you could think about adding some child-sized furniture, including chairs and a table. If you don’t really want to do this, you could at least get a step that they can use to get onto their seat easier. This is also a great idea for if you have little ones that like to help out in the kitchen. 

Get The Message

In a happy family, communication is important, and adding a message board to your kitchen is a fun way to aid communication with your family.  If you wanted to keep it simple, you could pin up a cute whiteboard or corkboard to leave messages on and pin up paintings and other artwork you children make for you. Of course, you could go one step further, and could paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint; Either option requires little effort, but is fun and effective. When it comes to the chalkboard wall, make sure that the flooring underneath can be cleaned easily, as it can get pretty messy.

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Create A Homework Nook

Most kids do their homework while their parents are preparing dinner, which means that, if there’s nowhere for them to complete their homework in the kitchen, they have to sit elsewhere and can’t ask for help when they need it. Creating a homework nook or adding an area specifically for them to complete their homework means that they can sit in the kitchen with you. This area can double up as a play area for smaller children so that you can keep an eye on your little ones, even while you’re washing up or cooking a meal.


With these tips, you could easily create the stylish and functional kitchen of your dreams 🙂


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