A person’s home should be a restful oasis from the stresses of the outside world. A place where you can lay your weary head after a long day of responsibilities, and just feel calm and content with life.

Unfortunately, for far too many of us, our homes are just another source of stress and tension in our already frequently over-stressed lives.

That’s no good. Here are some simple ways you can make your home less stressful.

Practice some minimalism and reduce clutter

Clutter is more or less a synonym for chaos. One of the chief reasons why people end up feeling stressed about their home is the simple fact that everything’s a complete mess, which in turn means that everything feels out of your control, and consequently, the primal parts of your brain which identify threat and uncertainty end up kicking into overdrive.

Adopting some minimalist principles and decluttering your home can work absolute wonders on your overall sense of calm, well-being, and control.

It’s not necessary (or desirable) that you should throw out everything you own except a pair of underwear and a toothbrush. Instead, apply minimalism sensibly by adhering to the following basic guideline:

Get rid of things that aren’t useful or that don’t make you feel good.

By limiting your belongings in this way, you will find that you have far less clutter to deal with. You will also find that the items you do own take on a more positive, valuable feeling. All of this will contribute immensely to you feeling less stressed and more positive in your home.

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Hire professionals to handle major projects

Another major source of stress and uncertainty in the home is the fact that things sometimes break or malfunction, and then need to be attended to and repaired. This, in and of itself, is a bit annoying — but it’s much worse if you’re constantly trying to shoulder the burden and handle everything through DIY.

If you were going to have the house of your dreams built, or an impressive extension put in, you would likely hire luxury home architects to deal with the logistics and planning of the thing.

So why, if your plumbing breaks down, should you spend the time and energy trying to resolve the issue all by yourself?

Sometimes it may be worth spending the money to get your home issues handled by professionals, while you take it easy.

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Invest in some extra storage space

Part of the reason why homes become chaotic and messy is because of bad habits and hoarder instincts, whereby you don’t throw things out or put them in recycling quickly enough, and keep bringing too much stuff home with you.

Another part of the reason, however, is because we often have insufficient storage space to make sure that everything has a place, and can be packed away neatly after being used.

To regain your sense of control and reduce your sense of stress, it’s well worth investing in extra storage solutions, ranging from wooden crates to wardrobes.


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