Decluttering your home interior is best attacked room by room, and if you follow the same pattern with each one you will soon have a very clean and tidy home that will stay that way much longer. Here are some things that will help you with that:

Use Bins

Start by having three bins in the room. One for things that will be thrown away, one for things that perhaps need a repair and one for things that can be recycled or given to charity shops. You may be surprised just how much ‘rubbish’ you have accumulated so it is not a bad idea to hire a skip from a reputable company like A and M Metals and Waste . Then you can keep emptying the ‘throw away’ bin without having to make numerous trips to your local tip.

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Put Things Away

As you start sorting through things you will find items that have just been left out. Put them away so that they do not end up in one of the bins by mistake. It could just be a few clothes left on a bed or a coffee cup left on a work surface. Putting them where they should be will mean that no one is searching afterwards for something that has been thrown away in error.

Check Drawers And Cabinets

You should check all the drawers and cabinets in every room. Sometimes things get shoved away and forgotten about. Unless there is a reason for you keeping a particular item, something that has been at the back of a cupboard for 12 months or more is not really needed and is just taking up valuable space.


You could be shocked when you get to your kitchen how many out of dates foodstuffs you have packets of. It is very easy for them to get pushed to the back of a cupboard and not noticed or used for a very long time. The kitchen can sometimes be the hardest place to declutter because of all the appliances that sit on worktops. Look at each one and decide how often you use it. If it is only used occasionally put it away. Your kitchen work surfaces will become a lot easier to clean.

Involve The Whole Family

Involve the family in the decluttering process to save any arguments after it is done. This may cause some heated discussions, particularly in their bedrooms, but could save you a lot of hassle afterwards.

Do Not Forget Your Hallway

People often forget to give their hallway the same treatment. It is the first place most people see when entering your home and even those that do not come in but are at your front door can see the hallway behind you. This is the place that gives the first impression of you and your family, so it should also be decluttered and made to look as good as possible 🙂 

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