Dining in style is something the majority of us don’t tend to do.

Dining in style is for special occasions. But when those special occasions comes round, there’s something so elegant about them, and it makes the whole process of sitting down to eat dinner that little bit more exciting. But, some of us just don’t have the decor on hand, or the furniture available to do something like this. The dining room is a forgotten room, when in fact it should be one of the main rooms in the house. If you want a true family vibe, or even a romantic setting if it’s just you and your partner, then the dining room is the place to be. That’s why we want to try and help transform it for you. We think we know a few ways that you can transform your dining room into an area of luxury, so here’s how.

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Start With The Furnishing

Furnishing is everything to your dining room. If you don’t have a good set of furnishing in your dining room, then it’s not wonder you’re retreating to the sofas in the lounge. Well, that and the fact that you can sit and watch TV whilst you eat. But, like we said, if you want it to be more of a family affair or a romantic setting, you’ve got to get yourself in the dining room. So, first, think about the furniture that you would want in there, and the style you want to go for. There’s three options here. You can either go classy, casual, or funky. For this idea, we really like the classy look. Something a bit more elegant like tall backed chairs with arms at the sides. Any colour would be fine, but it would have to match the rest of the room! If you check out dining chairs by my-furniture, you’ll be able to see some perfect examples of what we think your dining room furniture should look like. But, that’s just the chairs that you’ll find, you need to have a mooch around to see if you can find a dining room table suitable for you. You could go for a glass table if you want something a little more elegant, but there are pros and cons to the idea. For example, they do look really posh and sophisticated, and they are easy to clean. But a major downside to them is that they are just so easy to get dirty. Fingerprints, food smudges… everything will annoy you. But, they don’t stain, so there really are a few pros and cons to this design. Or, you could go for a nice thick oak design!

Move Onto The Decor

The decor is one of the best parts about decorating your dining room, because you can really define the feel that you’re going through by the colours that you use. Our advice would be to go for something a little darker and more intriguing. Stick to colours such as browns and greys, and you won’t go too far wrong in the dining room. Plus, the darker colours would really suit an oak table if that was what you were going for in the end.

Fancy Touches

There are plenty of fancy touches that you can add to your dining room to bring that bit of elegance. For one, think about things like a chandelier for the lighting fixture. For some of you, this might be a little bit out there, but it really does add that element of class. You could also think about the cutlery that you use. Everyone has that ‘fancy set’, and if you don’t use, it as a way to accessorise your room. Go for a set of real silver cutlery, and lay it on your table ready for when you next eat. Think of it as a statement to the room. You could also have a look at some art work for the walls, as all fancy rooms have a bit of modern contemporary artwork in them!

Fill The Room With Different Scents

This is a final little touch that we want to talk about, because we don’t feel like many people use it. The smell of a room can really determine the experience, and there’s some things that you can add in that will allow you to accessorise the room as well. Take potpourri as one. All you have to do is fill a nice bowel with it, and it can really make the room look and smell amazing, especially if you go for some colourful potpourri.

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