The living room. It’s the place that you’re going to be spending most of your time within your own home, that’s if you don’t prefer to camp out in the bedroom.

There’s a good chance your computer is here, and you stereo system along with your TV; all in all, everything you need to have a fun and productive day, all wrapped up in four walls. There’s also a straight shot to the kitchen from this room, much easier than coming down for snacks from your bedroom upstairs!

All of that means you’re most likely to focus on this room the most when it comes to interior design and packing your house with plenty of entertainment to be getting on with, making sure neither you nor any guests are ever at a loss for amenities. It’s something you should take a little time now to think about, seeing as you’ve got an entire summer ahead of you (hopefully packed full of parties, bbqs…), and there’s work to be done to prepare for this season!


So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best ideas for all kinds of DIY projects you can do in your living room. They can be a lot of fun to get through, and you can finally prove to your Dad that you know your way around a hammer and pack of nails.

There’s plenty of colours to use to brighten up your whitewashed walls; your living room could do with a little more personality! (Unsplash)

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Set Up For Flowers

Seeing as all flowers are in bloom these days, and you can’t walk along any street without seeing a bush invading the walkway, and all the trees are swaying in the breeze with their abundance of leaves, now’s the time to set up your house for some flowers. And by that we mean throw out any potted plant with unmanageable brown tips, dig your watering can out, and even customise your own pots to put your plants in.

If you buy some regular flower vases from the shop, particularly the glass ones, you can paint them up a treat and having something in the centre of your room that’s really going to brighten up the place. It’s a good way to offset the very neutral backdrop of your walls, and makes a wonderful addition to a dining table and the like during a dinner party. You can find a great tutorial for introducing an ombre look to your vases here, or you could just forego a guide and paint to your heart’s desire; there’s an artist inside everyone after all!

Then make sure you’ve got the right flowers to really set the relaxing mood for your living room. People are meant to come in, drop their bags at the door, and be able to recline on your sofa. So you want nothing that’s too overwhelming on the senses: something cute and pastel in colour if you’re decorating a coffee or side table, something large to fill the negative space in the sides of the room, and something that’s going to clean up the air for you.

Make it More Comfy to Sit Down

Your sofa is a well used and well loved addition to your home. Without it, you’d be sitting on the floor whenever you got home from work, and you’d be begrudging everyone else who get to lounge out for a midday nap in their own living rooms! However, your sofa could probably do with a bit of TLC right now, seeing as you’ve been parking yourself on it day in and day out for years.

You can do this very easily by padding out your sofa cushions with some material, and foam is a great (and pretty cheap) way to do that. And there’s a lot of sellers out there who can sell foam made to your sofa’s specifications, so why not visit their website here? This way you can cut out most of the hard work, and get on with what you love doing the most: sitting down!

And then you can get yourself a sofa cover to protect the possibly fraying material on the outside of your cushions, and the investment will be worth it now. Not to mention, if you have any pets that like to sneak up their during the day when you’re not around, now you won’t be finding any collections of dog or cat hair that can clump up on your own clothes and be quite embarrassing when it comes to guests.

Is That Coffee Table Right?

The coffee table is a pretty crucial addition to any living room, and it makes sure you never have to go to far to grab the TV remote or your drink from the other side of the room. However, it can get in the way a lot, and it can really bring down the whole aesthetic you’ve got going on in your quest to design your dream interior. So now’s the time to make sure the coffee table you have is right for the space; is it too small? Maybe it’s too big? Is the wood perfectly stained? Do you just hate how dark the oak is? Either way, you can make a change with some DIY of your own!

Building your own coffee table might sound like a project out of your skill level right now, but it’s actually quite simple to do, and there’s plenty of tutorials online for you to follow to make sure you’ve screwed everything together properly, and don’t have to worry about it collapsing on you. Find a plan you like, get your materials together (and yes, you might have to ask an employee in the home depot section to help you out), and then get yourself a wonderful new addition to your seating area that you’re going to be immensely proud of.

Paste a Quote on the Wall

Everyone likes to live parts of their lives by quotes; we look to wisdom and knowledge to make us feel good inside, and to know we’re on the right track when it comes to making progress with ourselves. So if you’ve got a quote that you absolutely love, and you’d love to be reminded of it day in and day out, paste it up on your wall for all to see. It can be a standard print that you’ve framed and hung up with a nail, or it could be something you’ve gone a little more creative with and made yourself a stencil.

And making a stencil is easier than you think; you just need to make sure it’s taped down properly and that there’s no way your paintbrush or spray can can get underneath each section. Both big and small tracing sheets are available on the market if you don’t trust yourself to tape some paper together properly without leaving gaps. And if you’re out of ideas when it comes to a good quote, but you love the idea of having something motivational around to put an extra spring in your step in the morning, find a good list to look through here.

Your living room deserves some love and attention during this summer. You’ve got the time, you’ve hopefully got the energy, and the shops are going to have the materials you need. Don’t worry, complete DIY beginners flourish with projects like these to get on with, not to mention there’s only one way to improve your skills: through practice!

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