Your bedroom is the coziest and safest place in the world. It’s truly your personal space, where you can relax and come out of each day feeling revitalised and ready to tackle what life throws at you. But does your space really work for you?

If your room is leaving you feeling more stressed than serene, here are a few changes you could consider making.

Focus on the Bed

When you think of a bedroom redesign, it’s easy to want to focus on pretty furniture, the perfect colour, the layout and more. While these are all of course important, the main thing that you need to think about is the bed. If you have a very small room, choosing the biggest bed you can won’t leave you with any space and make your bedroom feel claustrophobic. If you choose a cheap mattress, chances are it will go springy and within a few months you’ll be regretting your decision. If you have back issues, it could be worth looking specifically for the best mattress for a bad back. Along with the bed itself, you need a duvet that’s appropriate for the time of the year and soft bedding. Don’t try and make cutbacks on your bed, we spend a large proportion of our lives in bed and sleeping so it needs to be right. It’s worth buying the best you can afford here.

Get The Lighting Right

While our bedrooms are predominantly about sleep, they do have other uses. They’re a place to chill out in the evening and read a book or watch Netflix. Unless you have a separate dressing room, this will be where you get dressed and undressed at the beginning and end of each day. For this reason, you need good lighting that allows you to tailor the light to whatever you’re doing. A lamp on either bedside table along with an overhead light and one on your dressing table (if you have one) should do the trick. Smart lighting is a good investment, you can control the brightness and even the colour of each bulb from a smartphone app so it’s always exactly as you want it.

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Find Good Storage Systems

As the saying goes, a tidy room equals a tidy mind. Psychologists have shown that sleeping in a tidy room leads to better relaxation and sleep quality so this isn’t something to overlook. You might not be an untidy person, but if you don’t have the right storage systems in place then things are always going to get into a mess. First of all, declutter and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. There’s no point using up precious space on items you have no use for. Once you’re down to the essentials, organise them in a way that makes sense. Different drawers for different clothing items for example. Use storage bins and baskets, drawer dividers and other storage systems to allow you to use the space you have to its best potential. That way when you come home at the end of a long day, it’s easy to put things where they belong instead of throwing them on a chair or on the floor.

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