Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could relax in spa-like luxury every day?

Sadly, the majority of us can’t afford to because, well, it’s incredibly expensive. Unless there is a voucher or a coupon on Groupon, it ain’t happening! Not to sound unrealistic, but what if instead of you going to it, it came to you? Yes, you read that right. People, we’re about to venture into the realm of creating a bathroom spa in your home. Ironically, it won’t be relaxing or stress-relieving at first, yet it will be worth it in the end. These are the design tips to focus on if you are serious.

Open Space Plan

The first thing to note is that health resorts are wide, open spaces. Indeed, you can swing a cat around if it tickles your fancy. Bathrooms aren’t the same because they tend to be the smallest room in the house. Still, there is no reason to fall at the opening hurdle as you can create more. The trick is to reformat the bathroom so that it is open plan and there is plenty of space to walk in and out. To do this, you will want standalone fittings like a walk-in shower and a clawfoot tub.

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Dimmer Lights

Relaxing is almost impossible when a powerful, sterile light is shining on your face. To rest and recuperate from the stresses of the day, you need to be able to control the amount of light in the room. But, stylish bathroom lights are important too because you want to find the balance between style and substance. Dimmers, also known as spotlights, hit the nail on the head. As the name suggests, controlling the mood is simple with the turn of a button, and the small fixtures are modern and sleek. Lamps also work well because they add ambient lighting.

Earth Tones

Spas are natural and organic and usually reflect Mother Nature. The idea may sound horrifying, not because you don’t want to help the planet but because earthy tones aren’t trendy. However, it is possible to add an element of eco-friendliness without ruining the aesthetic appeal. Start with a nice shade of green and use it on the walls as nothing says nature better than this colour. Other hues to look out for are yellows and browns, especially at this time of year. To be honest, anything that creates a soothing atmosphere is perfect, so don’t dismiss white, cream or beige either.

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When you go to a spa, the workers always pull out all of the stops. Of course, there provide excellent services like massages, but it’s the little things that count. For instance, is there a warmer, comfier dressing gown than one at a health resort? The answer is no! The same goes for the complimentary towels and footwear too. If your bathroom is going to compete, it has to take comfort as seriously as the experts. The latter are brilliant places to start, as is heating.

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