Life is a very dynamic thing. Over the years, your situation will change time and time again, with different periods providing new challenges.

At the heart of this, your home can be a great tool when it comes to making things easier, and a lot of people will have to move around to accommodate their new requirements. Of course, though, this is a real shame when you’ve spent loads of time working on the decor and design found in your place. It will all be wasted, and you will have to leave the rooms which you love behind.

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Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right kind of work, it’s possible to handle all of your home needs without having to move, even has those needs change. Instead, you will be simply adding to the place you already have. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the field of home extensions, going through some of the best options you have, along with some of the methods you can use to get you hands on them. A lot of people will want to keep ahold of the work they’ve done on their place.

Why Build An Extension?

There are loads of reasons to take this path over buying a new house, and it’s about more than simply holding onto your interior design work. Everyone will have a slightly different cause when making this decision. Below, you can find some examples of the most common reasons people will opt for this approach, to help you to make your decision.


  • Price: Moving home is a very expensive process. Selling your house, buying a new one, decorating the place, and moving in will all come with hefty price tags. Of course, building a small structure or extension will also cost something. It will be a lot less, though, making it easier for everyone to afford.



  • Time: While it won’t happen overnight, building a small structure can often take a lot less time than moving house entirely. You won’t have to deal with estate agents, and you can get started almost right away, making it a lot easier to see fast progress on a project like this,


Meeting Requirements: It’s unlikely that your life will be changing entirely, and a lot of the old uses you had for your home will remain intact. This enables you to pinpoint the new part of your life, directly choosing the additions based on the best course of action, all while taking advantage of other benefits.

Space You Already Have

The first method to consider will involve space which you already have but might not be using properly. There are a couple of examples of this, and a lot of people will miss out on their potential simply because they haven’t considered it. A conversion will take no time at all, enabling you to shape different parts of the building into rooms to meet growing needs.



  • Attics: The roof of your house is unlikely to be flat. Instead, this part of a home is usually slanted, creating a space above the ceilings on the top floor of the place. Known as an attic or loft, these spaces can be perfect for room conversions. The biggest modification you will have to make will be adding a couple of windows. Aside from that, though, you will also have to think about decor and furniture, but you’ve done this a lot before.



  • Cellars: It may not be quite as common as an attic, but a lot of older homes have spaces beneath their ground floor level which is known as a cellar. This subterranean space often goes wasted, being used as storage for things which are forgotten about. Instead, though, this could make the perfect den, playroom, and even bedroom when you’re short on space.


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Garages: As the easiest existing space to change, a garage will often be well-equipped to deal with an array of tasks. With the right preparation, this sort of space could double as a bedroom, amongst loads of other options. Of course, temperature will be the biggest concern with a space like this. During winter, it could be very cold, and it will be worth thinking of some ways to combat this before having someone live inside your garage.

Going Up And Out

Using the space you already have may not always be possible, and some people will have already exhausted this option, needing more further space for new changes. There are a couple of different options to have when you’re adding directly to the building itself. Below, you can find some examples of these, giving you a fast pass to choosing the best for you.



  • Going Up: Adding to the top of your home is a great way to expand your home if you don’t have much space surrounding it. Without taking up more floor space, this sort of improvement could add loads of value to the place, while also giving you what you need from it. This option is best if you can’t use the one below, but could be very expensive if your home isn’t already strong enough to deal with this expansion.



  • Going Out: If you have the space on the ground, it can often be much cheaper to build outwards rather than up. Requiring less expertise to plan the job, this will often be quicker, while also impacting your lives less during the actual job. There are loads of different ways to handle this sort of extension, and a good builder will be able to advise you when it comes to choosing the best route for you.



Building Outside

Having a little bit of detachment from your home isn’t always a bad thing. Structures like this tend to serve much stricter purposes than those which are part of the original home. Below, you can find some examples of the uses you might have, along with the best ways to put them into action when you’re expanding your place.



  • Sheds: Being available in either wood, metal, or plastic, sheds have quickly become one of the most popular outdoor structures to add to your home. Being available without planning permission, these are great for those looking for a versatile space which doesn’t cost a fortune to build. There are loads of companies out there offering these structures. A lot of them will come with building services, and this makes it even easier to add to your place.


Carports: In some cases, the job you have for your structure will be very specific. Looking after a caravan or camper, for example, could be a tricky job if you don’t have the right space for it. To help you with this, a carport for your caravan will enable you to keep your pride and joy out of the elements without having to use up garage space. This sort of approach is a great way to iron out the issues you have with your home.

Everyone will have different needs when they are growing their family, professional life, and other aspects of their adulthood. Of course, in reality, neither moving or growing your home is a better option. Instead, you have to think about your situation, assessing the resources you have and choosing the best course of action with all of the elements in mind. Below, you can find examples of both sides, covering the types of people who might be interested in them.



  • Moving: When you don’t have enough space in or around you home, moving could be your only choice. Along with this, though, your local area will also make a difference, as it will dictate things like the availability of schooling for your kids and the jobs you have access to. These sorts of big changes often go hand in hand with the developments you and your family are facing. This makes them perfect for anyone working towards a more suitable home.




  • Growing: Of course, that is, until you think about the work you’ve done and the money you’ve invested. Moving home will lose most of this, leaving you to start fresh when it comes to making your investment more valuable. A lot of people love the place they call home. You neighbors, local amenities, and other elements of the place won’t be replaceable, making it hard to wave goodbye. Moving home is a hard and unpleasant process which most will want to avoid as much as possible.



Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling inspired to start working harder on the time you put into your home expansions. This sort of route can often be the best when you’re trying to save money or keep the work you’ve done on the place over the last few years. Of course, though, along with this, this will also enable you to go for much more specific changes to your environment, adding things which are specifically designed to help your current living situation.

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