Outdoor parties are the best part of the summer months, especially if you have a smaller living space. Spilling out into the summer air is far nicer than staying in!

That smell of barbecued food wafting over the fences and the sound of giggling coming from a group of people having fun is infectious and all you want to do is get involved and get partying with them! Food seems to taste much better when you’re sat outside in the sun, a glass of ice cold Pimms in hand 🙂

Putting in a little bit of work can give your whole garden a makeover to make it ready for those barbecue parties that could help you form lasting memories. With that in mind, how can you get your garden ready this weekend to be able to throw the barbecue party of the year!

Lawn TLC. This is going to depend on the weather, but you need to get your lawn in good shape. Raking back leaves, mowing the grass and even re-sodding the patches that have gone yellow are all going to be important tasks to make your garden look aesthetically pleasing. Use a company like Cheaper Bin Hire to make sure that you have a place to put all your cuttings; you don’t want to clog up your household bins. Then do a check for tripping hazards like holes in the ground that you need to fill.

Prune. It’s not all about the lawn and the grass, especially if you have bushes lining your garden. It’s time to get the shears out and get the shrubs cutback properly. If you are regularly ensuring that shrubbery is maintained, you won’t have to sweat it out when it comes to garden prep.

Paths. Paths and walkways throughout the garden have to be kept swept and clear of debris that can be hazards. The whole garden can look far more put together when the walkways are cleared up.

Decking. In the winter months, the decking can wear down, so keeping an eye on anything than can break down and affect the stability of the decking is important! You don’t want a variety of people dancing and drinking on it only for it to crumble due to rot you didn’t know about. Removing stray nails and treating the wood for termites will be vital to your barbecue cause.

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Seating. When you are setting up a party for friends, seating is the best option instead of grass. People will be up and about dancing, sure, but no one wants to stand and eat chicken and sausages. You can go for a proper seating and dining area, or you could get giant garden floor cushions for people to lounge on in the evening! Make sure everything is wiped down properly so that there aren’t any bugs or muck.

Once all the major preparations are out of the way, it’s time to shop for the best quality meat and vegetables to barbecue them. Add some solar fairy lights and bunting and bring out a radio or Bluetooth speaker so that you can play some music, and you have the perfect setting 🙂

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