4 things you can start doing right now to boost your confidence

Maxwell Maltz once said that “low self esteem is like driving with the handbrake on”. Having low confidence really can make your journey through life much more difficult then it needs to be and can make everything feel like an uphill struggle. But don’t worry, no one is born with an incredible sense of confidence, if you meet someone who is confident and self-assured that’s simply because they’ve spent years developing it – they didn’t wake up like that. Self-confidence is something that needs to be built on and this article will help you take the first few steps. So pull on your favourite outfit, those shoes that make you feel incredible, choose the best foundations, eyeliners and lipsticks and get ready to lift your confidence.

Read on for your confidence boosting advice.

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Visualise who you can be

When we’re feeling low, and self-esteem is at rock bottom, we have a very poor picture of ourselves. To overcome this and to build on your confidence, you need to visualise yourself as the person you want and can be. Visualise yourself smashing your goals and overtime you’re going to believe you can really do it. Remember – What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

Take care of yourself

It might seem a little obvious, but if your confidence is at an all time low, you might be tempted to skip the shower because – what’s the point, right? You can be surprised at how quickly your mood and confidence get a boost just by doing the simplest of things. So take that extra long shower, do your hair, shave, moisturise and tone, paint your nails or whatever it is that you love. If you look good – you’re going to feel good, more in control and more confident.

Kill those negative thoughts

You’re doing a workout, or you’re working to hit a tight deadline – before long you can hear those little negative thoughts telling you to give up, you can’t do it. Building your self-confidence is all about getting to know how your mind works and being aware of your self-talk. Once you recognise these negative thoughts creeping in, you can learn to squash them like bothersome bugs and replace them with positive thoughts instead – I can do this. Not long to go. Listen to yourself.

Do something that scares you

We’re all guilty of following the same routine, every day. The same route to work, the same parking spots, not making eye contact. So, why not shake things up a little. If you’re shy, nervous and worry about talking to new people – go and do it. There’s a new mum in the playground, go over and introduce yourself. Not a big fan of driving to places you’ve never driven to before? Get in the car and take it steady. Doing something that scares you every day will make your confidence soar. Getting out of your comfort zone will take you to places you never thought you could go!


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