Whether you’ve lived in your home for a few months or a few years, it’s hard to maintain that initial “new house” glow you felt when you first moved into the place.

It’s important to make your house feel like your own, of course, but there’s a point at which you realise that the “cosy” vibe of your home has turned into a cluttered, worn out, and tired vibe. Rather than letting your home become neglected and dilapidated as the years go by, you should aim to regain and maintain the fresh appearance your house had when you first moved in. Here are some suggestions that might point you in the right direction.

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Bring brightness and colour into your home.

The first step to revitalising your home’s appearance is to bring some colour into it. A worn-out aesthetic might not necessarily be old but simply dim and colourless. It’s time to change that. Start by repainting your walls white. Given that it’s a neutral colour, white will reflect sunlight pouring in through the windows and naturally brighten every room in your house. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can help in this regard too.

As for the colour of your home, you need to think about the types of colours that make you feel happy. There’s every chance that you only love white, grey, or black, but a few doses of colour can do wonders to lift the overall atmosphere in a room. Even a few brightly-coloured cushions on your white sofa can make all the difference to your home’s aesthetic. You should also consider filling the house with flowers and plants to add some vibrant colour and a natural aesthetic to your humble abode.

Go for the timeless approach.

If you want to not only improve your home’s appearance but maintain that improved appearance then you should opt for the timeless approach. Instead of following design trends that will be out of style in a few years, you should follow trends that never go out of style. As mentioned in the point above, a natural aesthetic can really lift the appearance of a home, but it can also give it a timeless feel. Natural design is always in fashion; it doesn’t follow manmade trends. Wooden flooring, for instance, always looks good in a home. Of course, you might want to look into levelling compounds for floors if you’re going to take on such a heavy-duty DIY task. When renovating your home, you have to remember to do things professionally if you want long-term results.

Make better use of space.

A final way in which to regain and maintain a fresh appearance for your home is to make better use of space. You can start by decluttering to make your house feel just as open and inviting as it did when you first moved into the place. You could even reinvent your home by adding spaces to your household; for example, you could convert your attic space into a guest bedroom or a games room for the family. Transform your home into something brand new. You might have more space in your house than you realise, and that gives you the potential for a home with a fresh appearance.

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