It was a real pleasure to be invited round for tea & cake at my friend Aaron Morgan’s new home.  I knew he had been spending a lot of time decorating as I had seen a few photos on Instagram and couldn’t wait to see the finished project, Aaron’s home was beautiful with every tiny detail thought out!

Thank you Aaron for the grand tour and also the yummy scones 🙂

When did you first take an interest in Interior Design?

Aaron: That’s actually quite a difficult one…..openly I was about 19 when I really started to take a detailed interest in interior design, however, and quite laughable now, ever since I was a child I’ve loved interiors but I used to hide it since I thought I should be collecting football stickers like the rest of my friends!  I remember stealing my mum’s House Beautiful magazine and reading it secretly in my bedroom!

Can you remember your first design project?

Aaron: Yes, my first proper project was my mothers house that she bought in about 2009.  It was a beautiful Victorian town house with great proportions and wonderful character.  My mum wasn’t very good with interiors so she gave me free reign!  It was fab!

What have been some of your favourite ‘finds’ for your home?

Aaron: Hmmmmm, the problem is I keep finding more and more favourite finds!  I can’t stop buying antiques and little treasures – I shouldn’t be let in to any antique shop or flee market with my wallet!  However, if I really had to pick I’d say it would have to be my George III antique mirror.  It has beautiful Mercury glass with gilt detailing of a Phoenix on top, plus it was a bargain!

What was the most challenging project when designing your home?

Aaron: Well, my home is a modern build and I’ve always preferred old buildings.  So the most challenging part has been trying to inject some interest and character in to the space.  When I bought it, it was white throughout with boring brown carpets and pine stained wood work.  I wanted a country cottage feel so I ripped up the old tiles and carpet downstairs and laid large limestone tiles, sort of mimicking old flagstones.  I laid these throughout the ground floor which also made the small open plan space feel larger.  I’ve also used lots of colour.  Many people are scared of using colour in smaller spaces but in fact if a room is a warm and inviting space it actually gives the illusion that the space is bigger.

Who is your favourite interior designer?

I have two actually.  I love the work of Ben Pentreath.  I love his style, it’s very laid back, country house kinda vibe with a mixture of textures, colours and antiques all thrown in.  The other is my good friend Barrie Knight.  His style is elegant yet timeless.  His house I adore!    

What inspires you?

Definitely old country houses.  They are often filled with antiques that have been passed down through all eras giving the homes a timeless lived in feel.  That’s definitely what I aim for.  A house full of charm and interest but one that is lived in.

What is your favourite interiors website for inspiration?

I don’t really have a favourite website but Instagram is perhaps my ‘go to’ for interior ideas and inspiration.  My favourite accounts that I follow are Luke Edward Hall who’s account is full of colour and totally unique and also Trad Chap.  His Instagram follows his journey restoring his period town house in Frome.  We’ve actually become good friends and I got to see the house in person.  The house is full of beautiful antiques and curiosities.  I love it! 

What is your favourite interiors/homeware store?

It has to be antique shops.  I prefer old furniture as opposed to new shop bought items.  The Hayloft in Nabrerth never fails and Off the Wall antiques in Bath is full of interesting and intriguing items.


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