There’s something brilliant about the ‘old house’ interiors that were so popular once upon a time.
Contemporary interiors are a marvel of different materials and designs but so often, the overall style seems so cold and lifeless. What kind of image comes into your mind when you think of a ‘homely’ home? More likely than not, there is a lot of wood, pleasing bold tones, soft and high-quality materials. In fact a homely home could be determined to be along the lines of something classic and perhaps even traditional. Many natural materials are used instead of manmade. Woolen rugs adorn the floors, clay polished tiles smother the bathroom walls, the hardwood flooring is a beautiful flexible yet strong timber such as yew or maple. There’s so much style involved too as many animals get their place in such a home in the way of figurines and artwork. If you would like to invite an earthy atmosphere into your home, you’ll find that it becomes more homely naturally by design.

Style, strength and stoic sturdiness

Hardwood flooring is actually coming back into fashion, even in contemporary interior design styles. Pay close attention to the two different and most popular types. One is engineering hardwood whereby the design is oblique and kind of zigzag. The boards are thin, not very wide and they are not that long either. Natural engineered hardwood is far better looking and usually, is made of much higher quality wood. The boards are long, thick and wide because they need to have standalone strength. You’ll find that oak is mainly used for engineered wood and maybe even a mix of lesser quality wood such as pine. For natural hardwood, you should order your boards in walnut, hickory, beech and if possible mahogany. Then proceed to have them painted in a dark earthy varnish to add real style and earthy tones.

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An earthy and or homely interior would be falling short of the mark, if there wasn’t some kind of fire burning. Maybe your home is such that it doesn’t have a natural fireplace. Contemporary homes tend not to have this feature as modern central heating is more than enough for most people’s desires for warmth. However, according to this wood burning stoves guide, it’s not that hard to install a stove that could have a real burning fire inside it that keeps your warm. Take into account the size of the room you want it in, the layout regarding where everything from the sofa, television and tables are placed and lastly, the efficiency of ventilation. The insulation of the room is also something to consider because even with a fire burning, some rooms may need a little extra support to keep the heat in and denied from escaping.

Gentle on the eyes and feet

Contemporary homes are very fashionable. That’s why they often use ceramic tiles for flooring, sometimes they even have stone tiles. Generally, such designs are quite harsh on your feet unless you’re wearing slippers indoors. Anyone with socks and bare feet will feel the cold, even in spring and summer. For this reason you should get something to cover up the floor where the human feet traffic is highest, such as in the living room around the sofa or dining area. A high-quality woolen rug that is refined yet course in design, is something to consider. In fact a rug could bridge the gap between the kitchen and the living room if you have an open floor plan. Consider wool rugs made using Highland sheep’s wool. This wool is very dense, and can be milled to very fine threads. Usually as with most rugs, you can choose your own design also, so it can be easy on the eyes and on the feet as well.

Beacons of natural light

An earthy home is supposed to take you back to basics, but with style. All around the home you should place small beacons of natural light. For this you need candles and lots of them. The candle holders are just as important as the candle scent or design. For a homely design, pick some candle holders that are depicting natural things such as plants, vines, flower cups. For an earthy candle holder, pick something that includes animals, such as birds and deer for example.

Earthy homes will incorporate a lot of natural materials such as wood for the flooring and wool for the rugs. Install a natural fire and you can enjoy authentic heat in your home instead of relying solely on hot metal radiators. The atmosphere is complemented by natural beacons of light that you can dot all around the home.


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