We all have those rooms in our homes that we just don’t use. When you first move in, it’s often easy to just use a space for storage.

If you have a room or two that you’re not immediately using to live in, then it often becomes a dumping ground. This can be the case when you have a basement. While it’s often great to have the room as an option for extra space, it can be really tough to know exactly what to do with it. So you often don’t bother. But when you want to spruce up your home, or you think that you need some extra space, it’s time to do something with that office. A great option for this is to create a home office, or to give yourself some extra living space. So let’s take a look at how you’re going to do just that.

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  1. Clear The Space

First of all, you need to make sure that you clear up the space. Because most of the time, you’re going to find that it’s absolutely full of storage and boxes and probably a lot of junk too. So, you need to make sure that you clear it all out. And to make sure that it doesn’t impact on the rest of your house, you need to go through it. Find a new home for stuff you’re keeping or throw it out.

  1. Get The Shell Ready

So when you’ve finished that, your next job is to make sure that the entire shell is ready. Start off with something like the Blue Seal waterproofing company to make sure that you’re watertight, then also get in contractors. You’re often going to need to add electric or make sure there are enough plug points. Then you’ll need to also get the walls ready and primed so that they’re good to decorate.

  1. Add In The Facilities

But before you jump right on to decorating, you should think about any facilities that you need. If this is going to be an office or even family space, you might need another bathroom installing. So calling in a plumber is important. If you are doing an office, you may also want a small kitchen nook too.

  1. Choose Your Decor Style

Then it’s onto the fun part – the decorating! If you’re going to go for the office, then take a look at some home office decor inspiration to see what might work for you. If it’s a living space, then you should think about bringing the rest of your decor theme that’s throughout the house into this space.

  1. Furnish Away

Last but not least, you’re going to want to add in all of the furniture that you want. Now, ideally, when you were picking out your decor style, you should be thinking about what kind of furniture that you want. It’s often a really great time to source the pieces that you might want and even order them if there’s going to be a delay on delivery. But also make sure that you’re going shopping for accessories and furnishings at this point to really bring the space alive too.

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