Well, that means it’s time to throw it out and get a new one!

Of course you don’t have to throw the actual wardrobe away, but you never know, you might find a hidden gem in the form of a belt that hasn’t threaded to pieces and a pair of jeans that still fit over your hips from five years ago!

But all in all, it’s time for a style change, and you need to start at ground zero. Decluttering your home is one thing, but trying to fit through at least a decade’s worth of clothes that simply don’t appreciate you anymore is another! But it’s not impossible, so take on this mammoth task when you next have a day available, and use tips like these to help you out.

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This could be you, but you keep putting it off! Get into your wardrobe, throw out the items that clutter the space, and display the items you do so you’re reminded to wear them! Credit

Dump It All on The Floor

Take everything that’s in the wardrobe out of it and simply throw it on the floor. Really let yourself see what you’ve built up since you last had a clear out, and have a much easier time of separating your things into three piles. The piles you want? Keep, Throw, Repurpose. And if you don’t know how to cut and sew, ask a friend or your Mother for help!

Ask If You’d Actually Wear Something Again

When it comes to putting clothes into the keep pile, you need to make sure it’s actually something you want to wear again, instead of just something you have high hopes for. So ask yourself: will you wear this blouse or this pair of dungarees within the next year or so? Be realistic, you want to have clothes in your wardrobe you actually like and will wear 🙂 

Think About the Style You Want to Go in There

If you’ve got a certain look in mind, and now that you’ve cleared some rails to hang new pieces up on, make sure you go shopping or thrifting for clothes that fit that definition and only clothes that fit that definition! Don’t waste your money, you’re meant to be decluttering your life, after all.

And if you need some style tips, here’s some for absolutely free! Spend good pennies on clothes you love, will wear again and again, and that will fit you for a long time to come. You need some basics, you need some sturdy undergarments, and you need some perfect accessories to style, restyle, and then style the same piece differently again and again!

Your wardrobe will treat you a lot better once you put it to rights, so don’t underestimate the power of a simple clear out. It’ll make you happier!

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