Nobody does Christmas like my momma and her hubby!

They decorate the house from top to bottom with fresh foliage and real pine swags, mum makes dried oranges every year for decorations and the house smells DELICIOUS!  So much effort goes into the decorating of the house and the whole of Christmas month in general that I felt it 100% deserves a blog post so you can see the gorgeousness of it all 🙂

This year they outdid themselves with a 10ft tree!  It was touching the roof in their little cozy cottage 🙂

My favourite day is Christmas Eve…

When my mum and I spend the day drinking mulled cider and baking all day, it has become a tradition that I always look forward to!  In the evening my brothers come over and we spend it drinking lots of rum cocktails and generally eating our own body weight in all the homemade treats 🙂

xmas interiors

Christmas interiors

Christmas mantlepiece

Christmas swag

Christmas tree

Christmas decoration

Christmas fireplace

Cooking is an art at my mum’s house which her hubby Warren takes care of.  He is the BEST cook I know and whenever he serves a meal it is always something special, whether it has taken him 10 minutes to prepare or a full day’s work!  This year I was in charge of Christmas morning cocktails, making a pudding and also decorating the table for lunch….I made orange and mango mimosas in the morning which was waaaaay better than the traditional bucks fizz  (recipe here).  For the table decorations I borrowed a vintage crochet table cloth and bought candelabras from charity shops and an old mirror which I used to create some more lighting by placing the candles on it and then finishing it off with lots of wild foliage.   For the napkins I used string, ivy and real cinnamon to decorate them 🙂

Christmas dinner table

Christmas dinner table

Christmas dinner table

Christmas napkins

Christmas dinner table

Christmas table

I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas!  Wishing you love and magical times for 2018 🙂

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Such a stunning feature .. I absolutely LOVED it! Your mum’s cottage looks like it’s from a fairytale Kai .. just magical .. a triumph indeed! ❤️👌❤️Xxxxx


Awww I knew you would 🙂 it is always really cozy and magical there when they put up the Christmas decorations! xx

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