Madness is pretty much the only way that you can describe moving day.

There’s so many mixed emotions involved, from both the two of you who are moving, and all of the family surrounding you. Moving day madness can sweep you off your feet, and if you don’t find a way to calm it down, your stress levels are going to go through the roof. Stress ultimately leads to arguments, and arguments just slow the whole process down. Through all of this, you need to find a way to calm that madness, and focus on getting the task at hand done. We think we know a few ways that you can do just that, so see if we can help you through your moving day madness.

The Organisation Side

So, once you’ve put your deposit down on the house, and everything is moving swiftly, then you need to think about organising your things. You’ll start clearing things out of your room, but where are you meant to put it all. A lot of people just go to stores and ask them if they have any old cardboard boxes, but many stores will have already thrown them out, or flattened them! What you can do, is buy our moving house boxes, and give yourself plenty of room to put all of your things. They come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing you have packages ready to move is going to reduce the stress so much. The only other thing we would advise, is to make sure that you’re organising everything properly, in a way that makes sense when you unpack it. That way, you can get to the other side, open all of the boxes, and quickly unpack to make things much easier for you!

Where Will It All Go!?

If you’re going into a home that isn’t furnished in the slightest, then the first day or so is going to be a nightmare for you. The only things you’ll be able to pack away, or set up, is the furniture that you’ve bought. When that’s done, everything can be unpacked so that you finally feel like you’re settling in. Do a room at a time, starting with the bedroom and moving to the living room if your new furniture set has been delivered. Some people find themselves sitting on the floor for the first few weeks!

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Keeping The Peace

Moving day madness causes one thing, and that’s a whole load of stress. There’s obviously going to be a few arguments along the way, no matter who we’re talking about. But, the stress can get so much for some couples in particular, that the moving process is so delayed. You want to try and make sure that you’re keeping the peace, working through it together, and getting yourselves moved in as soon as possible. Delegate jobs between the two of you, and whoever else might be helping you, and stick to your individual jobs, it’ll be a much more harmonious approach if this is done!

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