I couldn’t believe my luck when I was contacted by the Editor of WM Magazine to ask if I wanted to have my designs featured in WM Magazine!  I jumped at the chance and a photo shoot was arranged of my Renaissance Collection, a collection which is primarily lace and gorgeous brocade fabrics which I designed for clients to wear to ‘special’ events.  The original idea for the collection came when I designed a dress for my uncle’s wedding in Brighton.  It was a very quirky wedding which took place in a Burlesque club, the waiters and waitresses were all dressed as ‘Where’s Wally’ and the bride was serving ice cream to everyone from a vintage ice cream truck!  To say it was different was an understatement and it is the best wedding I have ever been to – it really was magical!  I wanted something super special to wear and designed a dress very similar to the one worn in the last photograph here – I had so many compliments on it afterwards and it had such a massive response that I decided to do a full collection.  One of my cream lace top designs is even featured here on the front page.  To see my creations coming to life in a very influential publication was another dream come true for me – I am so grateful to the WM Magazine team for their beautiful shots and making my collection come to life!

Photographer: Justin Harris

Model: Eleanor Cooper

Stylist and Hair: Jasmine

MUA: Nicola Harries

Art Direction: Brian Brown

Designs: Jaxxon House

Location: Aberglasney Gardens, Carmarthenshire

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