I had been looking forward to doing a photo shoot for my ‘Renaissance’ Collection for AGES! I had envisaged exactly how I wanted the hair, make up, shoes – the whole scene I had styled in my head for months and I even managed to get in on the action myself as you can see (pictured below): sprawling like a Dame! 😉

Our amazingly cool venue was ‘Pembroke Antiques’ owned by the lovely Lauren who let us roam freely for the day, much to the surprise of customers who saw us prancing about the place looking for the best places to hang out….

Check out their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/pembrokeantiques/?hl=en and if you are ever in West Wales this is a gem of a place to visit!  It is in Pembroke Main Street in a big old Chapel which is filled to the brim with quirky finds.  I could easily spend hours in there browsing!

BIG thanks to our wonderful photographer Sarah Jayne Webb ( https://www.instagram.com/sjwebbphotography/?hl=en ) and her assistant Rebekah Eleri who were so patient with us 🙂  The super gorgeous models for the day were: Nicola Ashby (in the dark blue dress), Nic has been a friend of mine since primary school!  I have roped her into doing every Fashion Show and her husband Stefan has also collaborated on projects with me as a Photographer many times.  My second model is Ruemby Takundwa.  I met Ruemby when she was modelling for one of the University shows – she is such a sweet girl and absolutely beautiful (as you can see 🙂 …Ruemby is a professional model and is kind enough to help out on shoots and with fashion shows, she has been a supporter of Jaxxon House since Day One!  My last model is Marie Barnett – Marie has always reminded me of a mixture between Gwen Stefani and Patricia Arquette!  She’s got a funky style all of her own and I always get her involved with the Fashion Shows too!  Hair and make up by Charlotte Mitchell Johns and Marie Barnett from ‘The Attic’ Salon, these wonderful humans always help out at the Jaxxon House shows and photoshoots!

Our shoes were from Irregular Choice http://www.irregularchoice.com and Topshop Boutique, our bespoke headpieces were designed and made by the seriously talented Nicola Clewer-Evans (owner) of Twisted Thimble Couture.  I have collaborated with Nicola a number of times now – I really love her work as a milliner, she is so talented!  Nicola has also gone on to win ‘Best Milliner in Wales’ which is a fantastic credit to her talent,   To view more of her creations which are PERFECT for weddings and of course the Races, please visit her website:- http://www.twistedthimble.com

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