Home should be the place you feel at your most comfortable and relaxed- so if you’re looking around and don’t like what you see then it’s time to make a change.

Dingy rooms, unmatching furniture, stained carpets and dated decor will all lower your mood- you want to feel proud of your home and happy when you’re in it! If you’re on a budget, you might have put off making changes in the belief that you can’t afford it, however there are ways that you can completely transform it without spending much at all. Here are some ideas!

Deep Clean and Declutter

Regardless of the way your home is decorated, mess and dirt will massively bring down the look. Cleaning windows will make the light shine through more clearly, scrubbing tiles and freshening up grout with a grout pen will make kitchens and bathrooms look clean and new. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to spruce up your carpets, these can get rid of all kinds of stains and it’s far cheaper than replacing the carpets completely. Go through and throw away items you no longer use, making more space to organise the ones you do. Your home will feel fresher and cleaner right away.

Paint the Walls

Another way you can completely transform a home without spending much money is by painting the walls. Get rid of fussy wallpaper, sanding down walls and filling in any holes and cracks with filler so they’re nice and smooth. Use a light, neutral shade like white or magnolia and paint all of the walls. This will create a beautiful blank canvas and make everywhere look brand new. Paint woodwork such as gloss and skirting boards with a brilliant white gloss to really finish the look. Just be sure to use carpet protection film to protect your freshly cleaned carpets from drips and spills!

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Upcycle Furniture

Going out and buying a load of new furniture can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds which isn’t an option for everyone. If your furniture needs a refresh, there is a way you can bring it up to scratch without spending much and that’s by upcycling. Even if your furniture is all unmatching, giving it a coat of white chalk paint and replacing all of the handles and legs for matching ones will make your room look cohesive. You could do this with your existing furniture, or find cheap or free items online to use. From tv stands to headboards to side tables, dressing tables and more- there’s plenty of advice on how to do this online.

Find Cheap Decorative Items

Finally, adding a few decorative items, particularly if you’ve gone with a blank canvas with the decor is essential. You can find lovely things really cheaply if you look in the right places- frames, faux flowers, vases, candles and more can be spotted in supermarkets, in pound shops and on eBay. Go with quality over quantity, choose key pieces that you love that add to your home without making it look cluttered. Real plants can be picked up in Ikea for as little as a pound and can add colour and texture to a room too.

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