A Few Simple Ways to Jazz up Your Bedroom

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For most of us, our bedroom is an important place. You know that they can go there and not be disturbed. Bedrooms are far more than just somewhere to sleep, they are retreats. But, the very fact that they get a lot of use means that they soon end up looking scruffy, dated and worn. If your bedroom has seen better days, the tips I have put together here will help you to jazz it up and turn it back into somewhere you want to spend time.

Fresh bedding

There is nothing nicer than a freshly made bed. Good-quality linen is always worth buying. Which style you choose is very much up to you. For a modern, contemporary bedroom, plain bedding in bold colors is the way to go. Whereas for a minimalist style room plain muted tones are what will work best. If you want to click here for more styles and bedding inspiration.

If you do not want to buy a new bedding set. Try a nice throw instead, sometimes that can be enough.

Freshen up your curtains

If your curtains are looking a bit tired or letting too much light in, update them. That does not necessarily mean buying new ones. You can easily line the ones you already own to make them thick enough to keep the light out. Trimming the edges with contrasting fabric and updating your curtain ties is a really easy way to change the way they look.

New soft furnishings

Adding a couple of rugs and maybe buying some nice cushions is a great way to freshen things up. You can even make your own no-sew covers and rugs. There are loads of videos online that show you how to make all kinds of soft furnishings without having to get your sewing machine out.

Update your lighting

Improving the lighting is a great way to make a room feel instantly better. Doing this does not necessarily mean that you have to install new light fittings. Sometimes all you need to do is to update the bulbs. For example, install modern LED dimmable bulbs.


Tidying up any room makes it look instantly better. So, if you have not done so for a while, throw or give away anything you are no longer using. Put everything else away. If necessary, put some items in another room, the loft or your garage.

Ottomans look great in a bedroom. They are also great for storage.

Add some houseplants

If you like plants consider putting some in your bedroom. You can find out which ones are likely to thrive and be the most effective at cleaning the air, by clicking the link.

What to do if you still can´t get a good night´s sleep?

If after updating your bedroom, you are still struggling to get a decent night´s sleep, try some of the tips in this article. In it, I explain how to sort out other issues in your home that may be stopping you from sleeping soundly.

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