I wanted to design a crazy sports collection whilst incorporating high end fabrics and up-cycling old sports gear.  For ‘Rock & Ruin’ I used parts of old rucksacks, bike wheels, boat sails and climbing harnesses with wetsuit neoprene and jersey mix material and elasticated mesh – as you can see I was not thinking this was going to be a collection many people would actually wear 🙂 ….I just wanted to have fun and create some funky pieces!

I showcased this collection at my own Fashion Show in Slebech, I chose the song Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo ‘Rhymes’ which I felt suited it perfectly!  I always spend aaaages choosing the music for my collections as I know how it can help to capture the audience.  When I have been at previous London Fashion Week shows the music makes such a difference to how I will feel about the designs and will often have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up when the perfect song is played!

I modelled a couple of the designs myself in the first two photographs….then I left it to the professional and gorgeous Ida to take over  🙂

Photography: Natalie Badham

Location: Little Milford, Pembrokeshire & Nolton beach, Pembrokeshire

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