Here are a few snaps from previous shows… HUGE thanks to Il Mio Photography for all the hard work at the Fashion Shows and recent photoshoots !! If you want to check out more of their work go to the website:¬†


BACKSTAGE STRESS! Myself and my wing women: Naomi Dalton and Natalie Badham going over final preparations for the show just as a whole bottle of Prosecco gets spilt on the catwalk (slippy is not the word!) ….I have no idea what I would ever do without these girls!

This first collection is ‘Renaissance’ which I designed specifically for occasion wear. ¬†Modelled by my wonderful friends: Ida, Bryony, Emma, Marie, Ruemby and Nicola who absolutely rocked this collection!

Collection: Emiah Elliot / Models: Ann Marie Bentley, Laura Howard Cook, Finola Findlay and Hayley McCarney

Collection: James Holmes / Models: Ruemby, Emma Dow & Nicola Ashby

Collection: Clare Johns Label / Models: Bex Morgan, Kizzy Ayling, Ann Marie Bentley, Laura Howard Cook & Tracey Chandra

Collection: Tabitha Sky Hamilton / Models: Nicola Ashby, Sophy Greaves, Marie Barnett, Isabell Mitchell & Ruemby

Collection: Swag & Tassel / Models: Ann Marie Bentley, Laura Howard Cook & Finola Findlay,

Collection: Isea Surf Wear / Models: Nicola Ashby, Marie Barnett & Ruemby

Collection: RMJ Printhouse / Models: Nicola Ashby, Emma Dow, Isabelle Mitchell & Bryony Thomas

Collection: Stephanie Morris / Models: Tracey Chandra, Sophy Greaves & Bex Morgan


Collection: Ida / Models: Nicola Ashby, Ida, Bryony Thomas, Ruemby & Emma Dow

Collection: Amber Hunt / Models: Hayley McCarney, Finola Findlay, Tracey Chandra & Kizzy Ayling

Collection: Twisted Thimble Couture / Model: Sophy Greaves


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