A person’s home should be a restful oasis from the stresses of the outside world. A place where you can lay your weary head after a long day of responsibilities, and just feel calm and content with life. Unfortunately, for far too many of us, our homes are just another source of stress and tension … Continue Reading

Do It Yourself. Something we only want to do when we absolutely know what we’re doing, and for a lot of us that amounts to being absolutely nothing! We’re afraid to branch out because of the money we might waste, or the energy we can put into something and then completely hate what we end … Continue Reading

Calling all Chocoholics!  Source:  Pinterest What better way to celebrate Easter than by making this chocolate beast?! I made this gorgeous Ferrrero Rocher Cheesecake recently and it went down like a DREAM!  Everyone loved it!  Super easy to make and looks bloody luscious! I found this on BBC Good Food and it had a rating … Continue Reading

Are you looking to redecorate your home or work premises by adding some color and life to the surroundings? Then artificial plants and trees could be what you need to change the face of the surroundings. These lifelike and lush green plants can give any area a whole new tropical and mystical feel. Also ideal … Continue Reading

Here are a few simple ways to help you think of ideas to add a sense of style to your living room. This is the room where you spend most of your time, after all, so you do need to create a room that you can enjoy spending time in. To get you started, I … Continue Reading

Beautiful Gran Melia Ahhhh take me back to this Tenerife 5* Resort!  Whilst I had been building up Jaxxon House and self employed, I didn’t have a holiday in 5 years!! YIKES!! So this one was well overdue and WOW what a place to stay!  Me and my boyfriend chose this place based on the … Continue Reading

Nobody does Christmas like my momma and her hubby! They decorate the house from top to bottom with fresh foliage and real pine swags, mum makes dried oranges every year for decorations and the house smells DELICIOUS!  So much effort goes into the decorating of the house and the whole of Christmas month in general … Continue Reading

The best festive tipples in town!…. Raspberry, Cranberry & Rosemary Prosecco Ingredients: Prosecco Bunch of rosemary sprigs 2 large handfuls of raspberries 2 large handfuls of cranberries Method: Crush the raspberries up so they become almost liquid form and then spoon them equally into the bottom of the glasses, then add the prosecco and top … Continue Reading

Christmas Wrapping in Style… Every year I love to find new ways of wrapping Xmas gifts as gorgeous as possible!  Because lets face it, it makes the present even more special!  Sitting down with a glass of mulled wine or baileys and the Christmas tunes blasting out is the best way to tackle it all … Continue Reading

I never thought in a million years I would ever be published in Vogue Magazine but somehow this has bloody happened!! Here are the pics to confirm 🙂 Jaxxon House was featured in the Designer Profile section which was such an honour.  Vogue handpick upcoming Designers and Brands to be featured on the Profile page. … Continue Reading