Chocolate and wine are as enjoyable together as they are separately. However, pairing them together can be rather tricky as it is essential to balance out the flavors as well as the textures of wine and chocolate.

While some believe that the wine should always be sweeter than the chocolate, others believe that the wine should not be too sweet- so as to not overpower the flavors of the chocolate.

While the wine collection that the world has to offer is huge and diverse, the variety of chocolates is also equally large, if not larger.

Therefore, choosing the right combination is not only important for achieving the best taste, but is also extremely challenging.

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Here are a few pairings which have been tried and approved:

1) Pairing With Milk Chocolate

Port wine- a typically sweet red wine complements the smooth and creamy white chocolate and enhances its flavors.

As it is richer, sweeter and heavier than most other varieties of wine, it is able to balance out the equally rich milk chocolate, which would easily overpower other varieties. Traditionally, port wine has been seen as a dessert wine, which is served after meals with the likes of cakes and chocolates.

Due to the extra fat, milk chocolates are easier to pair with more wines than dark chocolates. Dessert wines or port wines such as Pinot Noir or Merlot can never go wrong when pairing with milk chocolate.


Some other wines that can be paired with milk chocolate: Brachetto d’Acqui, Muscat, Riesling


2) Pairing With Dark Chocolate

The healthiest form of chocolate, paired with red wine can be unimaginably beneficial to your body.

Researchers have found that the contents of both red wine and chocolates are helpful in keeping the mind and heart healthy. This combination is extremely popular at wine and chocolate parties thrown by people worldwide.

The combination of the two is likely to be heavenly for your palate. The bittersweet taste of the chocolate is adequately balanced by the bold flavors of wine.

Dark chocolates, which have a lower cocoa content, can also be paired with the likes of Pinot Noir and Merlot, which are preferably combined with milk chocolate. Port and Chinato are both varieties whose strong and spicy flavors allow them to be paired with dark chocolate, and also complement its bitterness.

Some other wines that can be paired with dark chocolate: Zinfandel, Chinato, Tawny Port

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3) Pairing With White Chocolate

White chocolate is much sweeter and mellower than its alternatives. The best wines to pair with white chocolate would be the ones which are sweet and fruity, and at the same time are not too rich in flavor or texture.

The choice of such a wine is important because a wine with bold flavors could end up completely undermining the taste of the white chocolate.

The most popular suggestion is to pair the chocolate with Sherry- a fortified wine made from white grapes- whose milder flavors are easily able to accentuate the creaminess of the chocolate. Most white wines complement white chocolate perfectly. However, if you prefer bolder flavors and love to experiment with your food, wines like Pinto Noir can also be paired with white chocolate- for a completely different taste altogether.

Some other wines that can be paired with white chocolate: Moscato d’Asti, Muscat, Beaujolais

The thumb rule for pairing wine with chocolate is: the darker the chocolate, the stronger should be the wine which is paired with it.

Therefore, this list has wine and chocolate pairings with equal intensity in terms of their flavors, so that the blended taste is complimenting and not conflicting.

However, by making your own unique combinations, you are equally likely to come up with a pairing which is to your liking; hence, you shouldn’t be averse to experimenting with your combinations and your taste buds.

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