Millennials go minimal. What might have started out of financial necessity has rapidly turned into a design and decor trend.

Minimalism is the art of creating beautiful and aerated spaces by focusing on the essential. As a result, it’s easy to see how minimalism is at the heart of the decluttering trend that has taken the Internet by surprise. If you are still new to the decluttering wave, you might want to explore Marie Kondo’s books, especially the ‘Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ that explains the Japanese mindset of clearing out effectively and mindfully. Indeed, Kondo, a celebrity in Japan, has affected the households so deeply that her surname has even become a verb. Thousands of enthusiasts have run through the principles of joy and usefulness to ‘kondo’ their homes. So, if you are looking to embrace the same approach to improve your home, you might want to create a priority list that doesn’t only take your personal joy into consideration but also the health risks associated with specific items and areas.

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Clear your room, rest your mind

Marie Kondo promotes the elevated beauty of a clear and tidy home. She suggests creating a clutter shock by throwing everything you own of a specific category – clothes, books, etc. – on the floor to decide which items should stay and which shouldn’t. However, if you want to make things a little easier to sort out, you can use three bins for the items you don’t want to keep: one for the items to throw away, one for repair, and one for recycling or charity shops. It’s especially important to identify broken or damaged items early, especially for electrical devices that could catch fire. Similarly, in the kitchen, you can also remove potentially harmful food ingredients that are out of date. Actively identifying and eliminating dangers will put your mind at peace.

Clear your drive for better water absorption

How often do you clean your driveway? If you’re only thinking of sweeping dried leaves from the area, you need to think again. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for households to have a channel drain running on the side of the driveway. This drain is designed to catch rainwater and evacuate it away from your house. However, the act of sweeping might lead to accumulating waste material into your drain. If you notice that your drive floods in times of rain, you should contact a professional about unblocking a drain. Indeed, ignoring the issue might lead to severe flooding and health issues related to stagnant water.  

Clear the garden, avoid flooding

When the weather is hot as it is at the moment, the soil might get compacted and covered in dried vegetation Consequently, when the rain comes again, your soil might not be able to absorb the water, which might increase the risk of flooding and stagnant water. Even in dry weather, it’s important to keep your garden tidy and to aerate the soil regularly. This will also provide a way for plants to oxygenate their roots, helping them to stay fresh in the drought.

While Marie Kondo offers a joyful approach to minimalism, you can’t afford to ignore how clutter could affect your health in the long term. Think health next time you’re kondoing your home.

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