Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food and Wine Combinations you haven’t tried yet

Most of us are aware of usual booze and food combos like fish with white wine, steaks with red wine and the like. However, the usual food and booze combinations only make your food taste bland and boring.

On the off chance that you are looking forward to treating your taste buds to something different and delectable at the same time, there are numerous hidden treasures that are yet to be discovered.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that the usual combinations fall in the ambit of one’s comfort zone, but these unusual food and wine combinations are definitely worth giving it a try.

After all, what’s life without some spice in it? You can easily impress your date or just show off your expertise in enology with these unusual combinations. So, come on, let’s take a look at four unusual food and wine combinations.

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  1. Sparkling rose and Sushi

Asian food fanatics out there, you must have definitely tried out sushi, but have you tried it with a glass of Sparkling Rose yet? It is one of the most amazing combinations that can definitely make your mouth water.

The fresh and sweet flavor of the wine gives the perfect kick to meaty and tangy Asian delicacy and is, therefore a combination to die for. Don’t forget your Sparkling Rose the next time you try Sushis.

  1. Vinho Verde with Indian Food

The spicy punch in Indian food paired with some white Vinho Verde is like the perfect food and wine combination. The desi kick of Indian food paired with Vinho Verde is like a match made in heaven.

The fresh and fruity flavor, with a slight effervescence, brings about a lovely taste to pair with the tangy and spicy Indian food. Once you have tried it, you would always want your Indian food with a glass of Vinho Verde to down all the spice tantalizing your taste buds.

  1. Shiraz and Chili

The Australian wine Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment for your spicy stew, chili. The wine made from the dark-skinned grape is a light and more fruit forward wine that is pretty less acidic. It perfectly complements the spicy chili stew, with a smoky and hot flavor, making it a mouth-watering combination.

Not only is it Australia’s “national” red wine but is also a much-preferred wine in other countries as well. So, guys, do not forget your good old Shiraz the next time you are planning a Chili-dinner.

  1. Tawny Port and Pumpkin Pie

All of us love the delectable, home-made pumpkin pies, especially on holidays, but it is equally important to pair it with the right alcohol. Most of us are still unaware of the excellent combination of Tawny Port with Pumpkin Pie.

The Halloween delicacy tastes absolutely amazing with a glass of crisp, chilled Tawny Port and is definitely going to make you fall for their love story. Stock up on Tawny Port next Thanksgiving, invariably.

  1. Chardonnay and Blue Cheese

Most of us usually go with red wine, when it comes to pairing it with cheese, almost like an unwritten rule. But, as we know, rules are meant to be broken! Hugh Johnson, the veteran English wine writer, says: “Fine red wines are slaughtered by strong cheeses; only sharp or sweet white wines survive.”

High acidity, rich texture and the oaky styles of chardonnay make it extremely friendly with rich blue cheeses. Mildly oaked chardonnays are much crispier and fresh which gives them the correct amount of acidity to cut through the creaminess of the cheeses.

These unusual food and wine combinations that taste like they are a match made in heaven. Who doesn’t like some rich, crispy or a light and sweet glass of wine with their favorite delicacies once in a while? Wine not only fulfills the purpose of a great taste enhancer but is also deemed good for health by doctors, when taken in moderate quantities.

*Written for Jaxxon House by Sara O Brown


While the whole world is still unaware of these tastes, you are sure to surprise people with the expertise in the field of unusual food and alcohol combinations with these five options.

Go ahead and surprise yourself and your family & friends. Enjoy!

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