Everyone has their own reasons for moving. It might be that you and your partner are finally ready to get your own place.

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It might be that you’re going solo, and just need to get out of your parents home. Or, some of you will already be in your own home, and you might just need to downsize or relocate. As exciting as the thought is, no matter what your reasons for moving are, there’s going to be one dark cloud looming over your head. And that’s money. Money gets in the way of everything in life, but none more so than moving home. Even once you’re in your new home, money is constantly flying out to the many bills that you have to pay. It’s a nightmare, but not as much of a nightmare as it would be if you miscalculate the costs of moving. But, so many people do it, and we want to show you what to do if it happens to you. Have a read on, and see if we can solve your troubles for you.

How Bad Is The Miscalculation?

We know that you would have spent months trying to calculate every single factor of the move. We know that you would have recalculated a few times when you realised all of the things that you might need to be able to afford this move. So, for all of this planning that you did, it’s hard to get the calculations wrong by much. But, in some cases, it does happen. You just don’t consider things such as solicitor fees, which are a couple of thousand, any deperate work that needs doing to the home, which could be a couple more, and by the end of it, you’ve got a nightmare on your hands. If it was a big underestimate, then you need to have a read of the next two paragraphs. If you only misjudged it by a couple of hundred, try asking family or friends to help you out, or get a really short term loan!

Alternative Methods Of Finance

If you were off by thousands, but you can’t delay your move because you have someone moving into your own home, then you’re going to have to think of alternative methods of finance. For a lot of you, your only option is to go for a loan. You can get bank bridging loans that are short term, and their main objective is to help people who need a financial boost to move home. We know that a lot of you won’t like the thought of a loan, but in a lot of cases, you won’t have a choice. So, it’s all about finding the best deal for you, making sure that you have a plan to pay it back.

Delaying The Move

If you’ve already got your fair share of loans, and you don’t want to add another to the pile, then it might be worth delaying the move if this is an option for you. You don’t have to delay it by years, just a few months to sort your finances, and grab the last of the money that you need.

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