Incredibly excited to showcase my Collection at this beautiful Winter Wonderland Fashion Show!

Alongside other talented Welsh Designers I will be showcasing my summer Jaxxon House Collection at this exciting event!

Taking place on Saturday 3rd February 2018, tickets are available by contacting Lian Cara on 07770 525003, the cost is £25.00 and include a fashion show of independent designers, drink and canapés on arrival, afternoon tea and live band for anyone who wants to carry on the party 🙂

How gorgeous is this photoshoot for the event?!

fashion show

UK fashion blog

UK fashion blog

welsh fashion blog

Welsh fashion blogger

The woman behind Lian Cara Designs…

What sparked your interest in fashion?

It was originally the drama of a costume that interested me most but the idea of seeing someone wearing something you’ve actually made drew me towards fashion.  In the end I decided to do Fashion but to keep the drama that I loved so much from costume in my designs.

Did you go to University or are you self taught?

I did go to University but I would say a lot of what I do is self taught.  I decided to give myself the best chance possible and jump into the industry for a year.  I eventually went back to the Carmarthen School of Art where I did my foundation Degree.  This was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career as it has opened so many doors.  My work became so much stronger than I thought it could be.

How has your work evolved since you started your own Label?

In all honesty, it hasn’t really changed.  Since graduating last Summer, the main thing I’ve been working on is using my graduate collection to get the name Lian Cara out there.  To do this I have taken part in a number of photoshoots, competitions and events.

It’s through social media that I have had a chance to work with so many different photographers.  When I asked Vogue how they found me, they told me it was through my various social media links.  Being from such a rural area it is important that I use social media to promote my work in the best way I know how.  It allows me to reach a larger audience that without it would not have been possible.

If you could give any advice to aspiring Designers, what would it be?

Always stay true to yourself as a Designer.  Take the advice people give you but don’t let it change what you want to say through your work.  Take risks and always trust your gut.  I have found that most of the lessons I have learnt have been through the mistakes I have made.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have the collection I have without those mistakes.  Always remember that not everyone is going to like what you do, that’s fashion.  But don’t be disheartened, that is just one person’s opinion.  For every one person that doesn’t like it, there will be someone that loves it!

What obstacles have you faced when starting up your Brand?

Sourcing fabrics is probably the main obstacle I have had to face.  Living in such a rural area, there isn’t really much choice when it comes to fabric shops.  You have to go to London and spend a day or two there finding what you need.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it influence your work?

For my most recent collection ‘Natural Reflection’, I have used architectural arches and shapes to inform the silhouette and structure of the garments.  A lot of the beautiful Welsh countryside influences my work, the natural textures and shapes that can be found in the landscape I find very inspiring.  I wanted to contrast this with the architectural shapes.

Can you list your 3 favourite career moments of 2017?

Winning the Beacon Bursary is definitely where it all started for me.  I was fortunate to win first prize this summer, a £3,000 bursary.  This has helped so much with the initial set up of the business as I haven’t had to worry about the cost of setting up a business.

The second would be showcasing my work at the Carmarthen School of Art graduate fashion show.  This was the first time I had ever taken part in a show and seeing your work go down the runway is an amazing feeling! It was the end of a very long chapter and I remember feeling excited for what would happen next!

Thirdly is definitely being featured in Vogue Magazine as a Designer Profile.  I am so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I’m also extremely grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way!

How would you describe your Brand in one sentence?

Lian Cara aims to produce garments that are something different whilst allowing women to feel confident.

Designs in the photograph below are by Lian Cara, see more of her stunning creations here:

Welsh style blog

uk fashion blog

welsh fashion blog
Hope to see you there!

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