It’s true. Just as much as you deserve some class, your home does too.

After all, think about how much money you’ve spent on it over the years. We’re sure the bills and expenses would just wrack up and up. So, when you’re investing this much money into something, you might as well make it as classy as possible, which is really isn’t that hard to do. Classy doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive, you just have to have the correct eye for detail, and know what to put in your home for less! If you feel like your home deserves some class, here’s what you can do to it to give it just that.

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Accessories are the most vital part of any home when it comes to class. You don’t need to be focusing on the actual decor as such. So, let’s start off with something simple, the lighting fixtures. A minor element we know, but a nice low hanging chandelier is the statement of luxury, and one that people often tend to forget about. Then you can look at high-end furniture at Palazzo Collezioni. The furniture, and what type of furniture your use, plays a big part in this look. To achieve the grand look you desire, leather might be the best option. Although, some people can make other materialed sofas look really good, all you have to do is put a throw on there, a few big designer pillows, and you’ve achieved the look! As for the other rooms in the house, just keep it classy by keeping to simple colours, using gold and silver accessories, and in the living room for example, having a big oval framed mirror above the fireplace. Just little additions mean a lot when it comes to a classy home.


We’ve already spoke about replacements of a leather sofa with another material, but there are replacements that you can be making all over the place to try and make the home look as classy as possible. One of the best is marble. Marble is pretty much the statement of luxury, but one that only the rich or well off can seem to afford. Well, fear not, there are plenty of marble alternatives that look just like the real thing, but they cost a fraction of the price. This would be perfect for either flooring, or perhaps even countertops.

A Classy Garden

Everyone always focused on the inside of the home, but the outside is just as important. If you want class, it has to look prim and proper. The grass should be cut fresh and kept in an immaculate conditions. The flowers should be beautiful and bright to set off the green. You should then focus on having a nice decking area to relax in, with perhaps a little outhouse placed in the garden which would be perfect for a nice hot tub. A hot tub really is a statement of class, and it means that you can throw the best gatherings with either your friends or family.


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